Compression Molding Machine manufacturers

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Compression Molding Machine manufacturers

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Rotary cap compression moulding machine
1. Introduction of Rotary Cap Compression Moulding Machine:
Continuous Compression moulding for plastic caps manufacturing is a famed and essential technology in bottled water caps and beverage caps worldwide. Compared with traditional injection moulding for cap,plastic cap Compression moulding is less material waste,easier color changeover, lower cost. Thus, plastic cap compression moulding has more than 60% market share in China and many other countries.
2.Product Parameters:
Machine Series Cap
Height Voltage&
Frequency Daily
Capacity Machine
Dimension Machine
CCM-JP24G(Standard)20-70mm10-30mm380V/50Hz /60Hz24000pcs/h5.5*1.9*2.2m7000kg
CCM-JP24H(High Speed)20-50mm10-30mm380V/50Hz /60Hz35000pcs/h7.0*2.7*2.6m11000kg
CCM-JP36H(High Speed)20-50mm10-30mm380V/50Hz /60Hz60000pcs/h8.0*4.2*2.6m15000kg
(High Speed)20-40mm10-30mm380V/50Hz /60Hz80000pcs/h9.5*4.2*2.6m15000kg
3. Application Range:
Rotary Cap Compression Molding Machine is a famed technology and popular in mineral drinking water,beverage,juice,dairy product,etc.

4. About Us:
Jeepine is engaged in the research and production of Rotary cap compression moulding machine for more than a decade. Its plastic cap compression moulding technology have been accepted by many Chinese famed magnates in the field. At present, Jeepine is the leading and public listed company among Rotary cap compression moulding machine manufacturers China.( Stock code:833127)
5. Certification:
6. FAQ:
Q:Why Compression moulding is the best choice?
A: 1)Less material waste in color changeover; 2)Lower heating temperature, thus bottle caps are less shrinkage rate; 3)Lower mould maintenance cost; 4)Easier operation; 5)Lower average cost.
Q:Why choose Jeepine?
A: Jeepine is the leading company in plastic cap compression moulding machine who drafted plastic cap compression moulding industrial standard in China. With strong technical and manage support, Jeepine has obtained ISO9001:2015 and North American UL approval.
Q:Service before sales?
A: Bottle cap customize and design based on customers’ demands.
Assembly workshop and bottle caps production line visit.Technical support.
Q:Service after sales?
A:1)Engineers service overseas in machine installation and maintenance.
2)Regional sales and service office in many countries.3)Optional machine remote motor.4) Free engineers training.Compression Molding Machine manufacturers

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